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I just got my Vampire Weekend Sweater from Sheinside. (:
I really love this sweater, the designs are very nice. :D
Take a look » right here « , you won’t regret it.
I recommend it to everyone, especially Vampire weekend fans. (:

I just got my Mickey Mouse Sweater from Sheinside. (:
The sweater is really adorable and cozy. It’s casual for anything really : you could wear it to school, a night out with friends, etc.
Take a look » right here « (:
I recommend this to everyone who likes cozy sweaters and disney characters. :D

Hey everyone, this is my new Sleeveless Chiffon Dress from 6ks. (:
I absolutely adore this dress, it’s so light and flowy. ~
The dress itself it very comfortable and an easy fit, so I recommend this to everyone who loves that quality in a dress. :D
Take a look » right here «, you know you want to. (:
Hurry though, it’s almost sold out!

Hey guys, I just recently got my v neck casual dress from 6ks. (:
I really love this dress since it’s perfect for many occasions. It’s casual and adorable, the perfect two combinations! :D
The pricing is also very affordable, I recommend checking it out.
Take a look at the dress » right here « before they’re gone! (:

These are just a few items that i love from Choies. (:
Their ruffle crop tops are adorable with their flare. :D
Even so are their roll in hem shorts. :D
For fun, you could add in the choker rhinestone necklace. ~
To top it off, add in some retro shades. (:
I recommend checking out their store, just click » right here « (:

These are just a few items I like from Sheinside. (:
The Bandage Striped Vest goes along nicely with the Ripped Fringe Denim Shorts. Also, you could have some Black Sunglasses and a Black Fashion White Skull Print Scarf as accessories. :D
Take a look if you’d like, you won’t regret it. (:
They have an assorted variety of clothes available to you.


I just got my Lumsing portable charger and i just love it. (:
It comes in handy whenever i’m on the road and my phone (or other electronic stuff) is running low on battery. Plus, it’s compact size is also a good thing to consider. :D
It’s not too expensive actually, o n l y $14. 
Take a look » here « if you’re interested. (:

Why hello there, I just go this White Spaghetti Strap Backless Pleated Dress from Sheinside and i’m absolutely in love. ♥
It’s not too short, and very comfortable, which is a good factor to look for. I recommend you get this if you’re a dress lover like me. Even if you’re not, what’s the harm? (:
Click » right here « for more details :D

Hey guys and gals, I recently just got my  White Long Sleeve V Neck Belt Dress, as you can see, from Sheinside and i love it so much! :D 
It’s perfect for a warm or cool day, the long sleeves help. (:
Plus to top it all off, there’s a little white bow belt in the back that makes it look even nicer. 
Check it out before they’re gone » right here « :D

Hello lovelies, hope you enjoy my fashion blog!

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